Call out the Militia

In the aftermath of the horrible murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, everyone is demanding action to ensure that nothing like that will ever happen again. At either end of the political spectrum we have calls ranging from "confiscate all guns except for those in the hands of the military and police" to "arm all the teachers like the Israelis do." Well, the debate can rage on ad nauseum as to where along this continuum we should act, but as the debate rages, budding "Adam Lanza copycats" simmer. People with sick minds feed on each other -- and on the media coverage their actions generate! The longer we wait to act, the more likely they will act. Regardless of how "the debate" turns out, we need a short-term solution to counter the threat. I have a humble suggestion that could immediately be put in place to deter such shootings. Simply call out "the militia." In this case, the militia would be composed of members of our military and police forces -- folks who should be...(Read Full Article)