Caesarism in the USA

There are ample reasons to question what can be learned from the past. All history is oversimplification -- some is guesswork, some is prejudice, and all of it is a riddle. Also, as Will and Ariel Durant have noted, "our conclusions from the past to the future are made more hazardous than ever by the acceleration of change." Yet parallels can be noted and they can be helpful for those who want to influence future events. At this critical time, the citizens of the United States of America would benefit from revisiting two books that are now forgotten. The Coming Caesars by Amaury de Riencourt was published in 1957 and The Riddle of History by Bruce Mazlish in 1966. Both suggest that Americans should be concerned about Caesarism. According to Reincourt: "Caesarism is not dictatorship, not the result of one man's overriding ambition, not a brutal seizure of power through revolution. It is not based on a specific doctrine or philosophy. It is essentially pragmatic and untheoretical. It is...(Read Full Article)