Boehner's Boners

What's up with John Boehner? Has he lost his mind or something? There are a lot of conservatives who think he's gone around the bend. He's done precious little to convince anyone otherwise. He sounds more like a Democrat than a Republican these days, and he's giving credence to those who believe,"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats."  Boehner on Taxes Here are some of the more egregious quotes: right after the election, from an interview with Dianne Sawyer of ABC news. Boehner said, "Raising taxes is unacceptable." When reminded that Obama has threatened to veto any deal that doesn't include tax increases for the rich he said, "I would do that if the president was serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitlement programs. If you're increasing taxes on small-business people, it's the wrong approach." John, what do you think Obama is talking about? After laying down the party line of "no new taxes" Boehner...(Read Full Article)