Boehner Orchestrating the GOP's Demise

It's a contest of wills and guess who is winning? President Obama, of course. And that's because the president is up against the GOP's equivalent of Churchill's "Boneless Wonder," Speaker John Boehner. Matched against the president, Boehner is making Ned Beatty's hapless character from the classic movie Deliverance look downright gritty. Boehner the Boneless Wonder's beta dog routine is doing much to deep-six the Party of Lincoln. Hyperbole? Don't grumpy grassroots conservatives grouse incessantly that establishment Republicans are screwing the -- well, putting it more politely, screwing it up and that the Grand Old Party will go the way of the pterodactyl? For the insulated tin-eared prowlers of the halls of Congress (Boehner being chief), hear this: The times, they have a-changed -- radically so. The context is dramatically different today than America before the Hugo Chavez-in-chief wanna-be in the White House, the august and empurpled Barack Hussein Obama, took the nation's...(Read Full Article)