Boehner and Cantor versus Augustus Barack I

Now the great Augustus, Barack Hussein Obama, announced to ABC News' Barbara Walters that he's "pretty confident" that Republicans will cave on taxes. Okay, so our jaunty Augustus didn't use the word "cave," but he might as well have skipped the niceties and used the C-word. Why not rub it in? One doubts that the empurpled leader of the erstwhile American Republic would say on national TV "I'm pretty confident that Republicans would not hold middle class taxes hostage to trying to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals" unless he had a good read on his adversaries, the droll John Boehner and his demure sidekick, Eric Cantor. And only Jove knows what Speaker Boehner and Augustus Barack I are agreeing to in those secret "negotiations" at the White House. Negotiations might be too charitable a word for the speaker's and the president's behind-the-scenes tête-à-tête. Given Boehner's maladroit -- in fact, idiotically impolitic -- public utterances about the need for revenues...(Read Full Article)