Bobby Jindal Weighs In on...Birth Control

Republicans can breathe a sigh of relief.  Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal took valuable column inches at the Wall Street Journal the other day to tackle a critical issue -- one on whose resolution rests the nation's fortunes.  Jindal refuted the agitprop that Republicans are trying to ban contraceptives.  Sandra Fluke and legions of sexually frisky lassies can now forgive and reconcile with once-heartless Republicans.     Jindal pushing the nation past the IUDs and birth control pills controversy means that Americans can unite to address lesser issues, like a sagging economy, reckless profligate government, the prospects of another sharp recession, failed appeasement of Muslims, the Benghazi cover-up (remember that?), ongoing terrorist threats to the homeland, border security (what border?), and Chinese and Russian shenanigans.  Petty stuff, to be sure, when matched against the gravitas of access to birth control.  Do Republicans hand out...(Read Full Article)