Belgium's Compassionate Nihilism

Dear Muslim brothers, why the struggle to Islamize Europe?  Patience, brothers, patience.  You see, Europeans are accomplishing for you what it would take decades of sweat, toil, assaults, firebombs, ghetto riots, and tears to accomplish yourselves: the conquest of once Christian Europe.  We learn from France 24 that Belgium's progressive thinkers wish to extend euthanasia to minors and Alzheimer's sufferers, thereby tightening the noose - so to speak - in the thriving Industry of Death that's taken hold in Europe and North America (that would be Canada and the United States).  Yes, secular Europeans kill babies by the bushel baskets now.  It's called abortion or, in polite circles, "choice."  A woman's choice, mind you.  You see, in the secular Western world, dear Muslim brothers, women have what your women lack: rights.  And a "right" is to abort the baby a woman conceived but finds oh-so inconvenient to birth - considering the father isn't...(Read Full Article)