Basketball Bandits 'Blindside' Hofstra University

Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY just found out that The Blind Side, an inspiring movie based on true story where a rich woman adopts a poverty-stricken boy and mentors him to NFL success, if put into practice, more often than not delivers disappointing results. Hofstra University is an elite private academy that charges, give or take, about $200K for four years of college.  Star basketball players Dallas Anglin, Jimmy Hall, Shaquille Stokes, and Kentrell Washington paid nothing to attend Hofstra, because all four were on full athletic scholarship. The four men's prowess on the hardwood made them popular on the Hofstra campus.  In turn, the hoopsters used that status to systematically burgle Apple products from classmates to later sell on Craigslist for extra pocket money for things other than textbooks. The Basketball Bandits had access to dorm rooms, where they executed their schemes.  For example, while Jimmy Hall queried whether a female co-ed would "be...(Read Full Article)