Atheist Bah-humbug in Times Square

The controversial and perhaps blasphemous exclamation made by actor Jamie Foxx had hardly dropped off the news cycle when along came the 'American Atheists' spooks with a glaring Times Square billboard advertisement featuring a picture of Santa on the top and a picture of Christ being crucified on the bottom. The caption reads, "Keep the merry -- Drop the myth." Perhaps the atheists are afraid that godless educators may have missed some students in their initial college years. Those who got out from under the peer pressure of the secularized generations manta that assures by sheer preponderance, repetition and a refusal to compare their arguments against the findings of creation science and strictly secular philosophical viewpoints, that it is perfectly OK to be -- "myth-taken, myth-tified and myth-erable," as the late Evangelist Vance Havner often proclaimed. The atheists, who spend their time largely fighting against an enemy they insist is not there, don't seem to be able to curb...(Read Full Article)