Apply the BP Standard of Responsibility to Benghazi

Is it just me, or do politicians apply higher standards to others than they do to themselves? For instance, there was that politician who thought it funny that billions in taxpayer money were wasted on poorly researched "shovel ready jobs;" while at the same time calling for the prosecution of debt rating agencies for their erroneous analysis of collateralized mortgage obligations. Likewise, Congress spawned Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes Oxley, requiring ever higher policing of conflicts of interest by corporate directors and advisors, while one congressman appointed his boyfriend to a position with a company he regulated and another steered federal funds to her husband's bank. The recent indictment of BP personnel is yet another example. Eric Holder's U.S. attorney in the eastern district of Louisiana prepared an indictment against BP employees Robert Kaluza and Donald Vidrine. The indictment charged Kaluza and Vidrine with eleven counts of involuntary manslaughter (Superseding...(Read Full Article)