Another Global Warming Drive-By

Much ado has been made about the loss of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean by the Gang Green, those global warming hysterics who want us to fundamentally reorganize human civilization based on a statistically marginal temperature rise planetwide in the 20th century. But the Antarctic proved a tougher nut to crack, as Antarctica is a continent surrounded by sea and that continent has been gaining ice. While the North Pole seems a bit soggy for old St. Nick, the South Pole is picking up the slack. (Will the jolly old fellow in the red suit move his base of distribution? He ought to; Obama may want to nationalize it like he has done health care and General Motors.) Clearly, something had to be done about Antarctica. And that something is the latest act of drive-by consensus science -- the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-Comparison Exercise, or IMBIE. Here is the press release. and here is a typically glowing article trumpeting the IMBIE press release as gospel. The Ice Sheet Mass Balance...(Read Full Article)