An Elegy for Two Once-Divine Female Critics

As recently as five years ago, I counted Ann Coulter and Camille Paglia among my favorite authors, and my guiltiest but most delicious reading pleasures. In the famous tome Sexual Personae (1991), Camille Paglia drove a fearless bulldozer over the grove of feminist shibboleths, celebrating a street-smart feminism poised against the frigid and increasingly tiresome academic left.  For much of the Clinton era, it was refreshing to hear her devilish witticisms.  Her main target was the ironic puritanism of leftists who sought to liberate sex yet ended up ruining love with political guilt.  Among the feminists Camille pilloried, men were to be lectured about sexism when they found females pretty. The lectures were worse than Catholic sermons against impure thoughts. The antidote was naturally Paglia's own blend of impishness and erudition. I must admit, I took the medicine gleefully.  Who can resist an enfant terrible who publishes books like Vamps and Tramps (1994)?...(Read Full Article)