A Tale of Two Crèches

By the date on the calendar, we are in the full throes of the annual "War on Christmas," and every day there seems to be another news story about some governing body trying to misinterpret the Establishment Clause.  My blood pressure doesn't rise from eating too many cookies or drinking too much egg nog, but it sure does from trying to understand how anyone could seriously be traumatized to the point of threatening legal action against the "most wonderful time of the year." A need for a new exterior for my family's Nativity scene made me realize that two men in my life, my father and my husband, both non-religious types, have been responsible for creating the most religious representation of Christmas there is. My five brothers and sisters and I were raised Catholic due to my mother's side of the family; my father was the product of a "mixed" Catholic/Protestant marriage in which his parents managed to avoid raising either of their children in any...(Read Full Article)