A Proper Response to the Massacre of Innocents

The knee-jerk response to a catastrophe such as Newtown is the banning of guns. The academic and journalistic reasoning is essentially this: Guns represent a neat way of killing people. The killer never touches the blood or the body. He can look away immediately after pulling the trigger and never has to look again upon the lifeless face or the death throes of the suffering victim. He can simply move on to the next hated enemy with each body representing the completion of his task anew -- like multiple kills in an electronic battle game. Therefore, we must ban guns to remove the ease with which this terrible act was accomplished. There is some truth to this statement, but as with all social semi-truths this one is an inadequate post hoc fairytale when it claims completeness or a solution to the problem of individual or mass murder. It never occurs to the reasonable liberals who formulated this sequence of internal emotional events within the perpetrator that it is he, the...(Read Full Article)