A Holiday Meditation on Contingency

These holidays, I recommend to America Seneca's unorthodox toast: bibamus, moriendum est.  Drink up, for die we must.  I promise to justify such lines as not grim, but rather ultimately palliative both to individuals and to our civil society en masse. This time of the year, one does well to articulate the residual virtue he still sees alive in his declining republic, and to give thanks for it.  And a full frontal view of the precipice affords the fortitude to countenance what thankfully we are not. In the first place, we conservatives are not utopians.  Progressives are.  As such, we acknowledge that all things shall come to pass.  It had to come to this, one way or another.  Moreover, American exceptionalists though we be, we do not belong to the party of electoral messianists, either: that's the Democrats and the Europeans.  America may have been the leader of the world for a century, but she has never been "the hope of the earth," as Romney...(Read Full Article)