Why Mitt Lost and Obama Won: A Different Perspective

That title was hard for me to write. But the knot in my stomach finally left, Wednesday, just before I taught my small Bible study on Romans. Some may believe it is too soon to offer a postmortem, but I figure that since the knot has left, I'm ready to take a shot. I can't do worse than the national pundits whose predictions were so far off. I still respect them, and they should keep doing their job because generally they're accurate. But their collective "wisdom," so badly mistaken this time, should teach them to consider what I have to say. No, I don't have exit polling data in front of me. Instead, I use common sense, my life experiences, the ethos in the air, and the obvious. The reasons that follow are ephemeral, but I believe I got some clarity, post-knot feelings. The reasons may not be the only ones, but they should be considered.Maybe they can help explain Obama's victory despite the economic fundamentals being against him. 1. The patrician white challenger v. the first...(Read Full Article)