Why Accept Tyranny and Ruin?

On Election Day, Rush Limbaugh advanced an intriguing notion given him by a friend.  Rush fancied the idea "a fascinating little think piece."  Here's the idea, per Rush: "If the Republicans win, they get to select the half of the country they want and the Democrats get the other half. You split this country right down the middle. Republicans pick the side they want; the Democrats get the other side. We have Mitt; they have Obama. You can live wherever you want to live. You choose which side you want to live in." He [Rush's friend] said, "The question is: How long would it be before Democrats are building tunnels to get underneath the wall keeping them out of the Republican side?" The Republicans, of course, didn't win the election.  But it doesn't make the concept any less interesting.  And it makes one wonder: will the day come when what is now a mere intellectual exercise morph into a broad sentiment -- a sentiment that concretizes as conviction that translates...(Read Full Article)