Why a Typical Honest Russian Immigrant Hates Obama

I spoke to many people -- Russian immigrants like me -- being curious what they think about the current situation in our new Motherland.  In my 32 years here, I have never seen this country shaken by such political turmoil, now especially inflamed by an election drawing closer and an economic recession at its lowest ebb in years.  Every day I hear of someone being fired after years and years of service.  I see more hatred toward the ruling president than I have ever seen before, and that includes the reign of the very unpopular president Carter, as well as Clinton's notorious scandal, which was more of an amusement than a real political problem. Now even friends and family are much more belligerent -- going at each others' throats.  People are really scared for their future and that of their children.  That's a far cry from laughing at faux pas or speech blunders made by idiots in the White House or some semen-stained dress.  And the hate comes right down...(Read Full Article)