Victory of the Demagogue

Our newly re-elected, incompetent President is good at one thing: Chicago style politics.  Kill your opponent by character assassination and promise freebies to your base.  That's exactly how he beat Mitt Romney, a good and decent man, a man of substance, who would have been a great president to turn our economic mess around. Instead the community organizing, empty-suit incumbent won by pandering to the Democratic base and defaming and distorting Romney into an evil caricature.  His simple plan of dividing and conquering through fear, envy and class warfare trumped all else, barely.  Appeals to race, gender and emotion triumphed over economic reason and self-interest and the good of the country. What is that Democratic base?  It's quite simple, a cobbled, bare majority of "victims" comprised of blacks, browns and women.  It didn't matter to them that their unemployment was at record highs and their communities and lives devastated the last four...(Read Full Article)