Veteran's Day and Afghanistan

Today is Veterans Day, a holiday honoring those past and present who have served in the armed forces, including in the war currently being fought in Afghanistan. The president claims he will complete the troop withdrawal by the end of 2014, but will maintain a yet to be determined number of U.S. troops. American Thinker interviewed some military veterans to get their thoughts about the current situation in Afghanistan. In 2008 Obama said in his campaign that Afghanistan was the 'good war' but his actions have made it clear that it is now the 'complicated war.' It will be interesting to see if he will keep a troop presence there and will continue to support training, logistics, intelligence, special operations, and some air power. Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer, who wrote Into the Fire about his experience in Afghanistan, wants Americans to understand that whether they believe in the war or not, the troops must always feel that they are supported, so take the time to do...(Read Full Article)