Uninstalling Obama 1.0...94% Complete

There are many different reasons to uninstall programs from the operating system.  Any one of the criteria is enough arrive at the uninstall decision.  But when all of the criteria are met, such as with Obama 1.0, the program simply cannot be removed quickly enough! The criteria for removing software 1) It could be that the program is unnecessary. When Obama 1.0 was installed, some thought it would be indispensable.  As it turned out, four years later, not only does it not accomplish the objectives for which it was installed, but it is actually cumbersome and slows down the entire system. 2) It could be that the program is no longer being used. Perhaps Obama 1.0 is too busy golfing, vacationing, or partying to actually do the work for which it was installed in the first place, thereby rendering it basically useless. 3) It could be that there is a need to free up space for other programs. Obama 1.0 is a system hog, taking space that could otherwise be used to...(Read Full Article)