Unfolding Benghazi Disaster Destroying American Confidence

If you are an American warrior, not only do you have to worry about the enemy, but you also need to wonder if the American government will have your back.  As more and more details come out about the Benghazi attack, it becomes clear that the president and his advisers had ample notice and time to send in reinforcements.  The statement, by the founders of Special Operations Speaks PAC, summarized the feelings of many in the military: "When Obama called the SEALs, they got bin Laden.  When the SEALs called Obama, they got denied."  American Thinker interviewed some former American warriors to get their opinions on what transpired. Slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, and the security officers there repeatedly reported the intensifying lawlessness and violence in eastern Libya as reasons why more security was requested.  It is obvious that the Obama administration was aware of the threat months ago and should have heeded the warnings by putting measures in...(Read Full Article)