Two Vital Lessons

"Time," so the saying goes, "is the cruelest teacher. First she administers the test then she teaches the lesson." America is on the verge of learning several vital lessons in the realms of economic and moral economy: lessons saturated in pain and hardship and as anchored in nature as universal gravitation or the science of hydraulics. The first? Actions have consequences; or to place a finer point on it: elections have consequences. Those who told you tales that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between either party or that the rich were just scaremongering with the bogeymen of: hyperinflation, a flood of coming pink slips, or even threats against grandma's Social Security check, were merely diverting the attention of pliant lemmings from the fiscal cliff looming dead ahead. And as always, those indolent, narcissistic and myopic wretches concerned foremost with milking the cash cow for reconstituted government cheese or Obamaphones -- who live in the eternal...(Read Full Article)