Tweets Reveal the Soul of Assault on Pro-Life AG

Forget the sweet, bubbly Elle Woods character in Legally Blonde.  One suspects that the smug, vulgar Sarah Peterson Herr hews much closer to the norm of today's twenty-something female attorney. Before her termination on Monday, Herr clerked for the Honorable Christel E. Marquardt, judge of the Kansas Court of Appeals. She was fired for sending a series of nasty tweets while sitting in last week on an ethics hearing for former Kansas attorney general, Phill Kline. If there is a pro-life Hall of Fame, Kline deserves his own display case.  First as attorney general of Kansas and then as the prosecutor for its most populous county, Kline led a one-man assault against the state's notoriously corrupt abortion industry, anchored by Planned Parenthood in suburban Kansas City and the late George Tiller's clinic in Wichita. What made Kline's job all the more maddening was that he was elected attorney general as a Republican the same year, 2002, that Kathleen Sebelius was elected...(Read Full Article)