These Truths Are Not So Self-Evident, After All

The Medical Examiner autopsying the Republican Party says the body isn't brown enough. No doubt Romney was badly bruised by identity politics, but I'm not convinced it was a decisive blow.  No, the Republican lost the national referendum because serious ideas were clumsily assembled, poorly delivered. Romney was outgunned by persistent shallow demonizing sound bites, accompanied by promises of instant gratification that he was unable -- or unwilling -- to neutralize. Mitt Romney had no clue how to leverage beyond the managerial class his commanding edge in leadership and economic vision. He never connected with ordinary people.  It is too easy to vilify struggling ordinary people for their infatuation with Obama's perceived empathy, yet Romney never answered the question everyone in peril so desperately wants addressed: "What will happen to me?" Obama won by affecting the loyalty of a coalition of the dispossessed -- hopelessly imprisoned in a cruel cycle of poverty, crime,...(Read Full Article)