The Victim of a Crime

Have you ever been robbed?  I don't mean burglarized.  I mean robbed -- ambushed by armed men, your valuables taken by force.  I have -- in broad daylight in downtown San Francisco -- and that's what happened to conservatives in the recent national election.  We can analyze and rationalize all we want, but the basic act was a crime that took decades to set up and only a day to perpetrate. Hurrying, I rounded a corner and met a "homeless" man looking straight into my eyes holding a knife to my stomach.  I looked to my sides for escape and saw two more armed "homeless" covering me.  They had seen me coming and set me up -- a practiced routine -- and they smirked at each other as I realized my predicament. These were genuine criminals who made a study of decent citizens, took advantage of their innocence, and waylaid them into traps.  Leftist leadership studies the American citizenry in exactly the same way. The man before me motioned to give over my...(Read Full Article)