The Stark Ugly Truth

I am recovering from the truth of this election in painful shock and I am not the only one. Indeed, I have witnessed such incredulous soul searching and finger-pointing by so many trying to define what just happened -- over 50% of our countrymen, eyes wide open, chose incompetence and failure over a brilliant, likeable, and attractive candidate. I am sure the political junkies will debate the reasons for years to come but I am left with a sinking feeling of political betrayal. For the first time in my American experience, in my lifetime, there is no imaginable excuse for this wrongful outcome -- there were no illusions, no great deceptions, no record of success, no hype, no enthusiasm, and no real indication of any desire to benefit our nation by the candidate chosen. The man was pretty up front about his intentions for anyone who would look. The voters, to quote a famous Indiana Jones movie line, have chosen poorly, they missed the Holy Grail and lost the purity of a democracy by the...(Read Full Article)