The Second Chance President

As the recent debates have made clear, the fresh-out-of-ideas Obama campaign is about just one thing -- a pathetic plea to "Give me more time -- just one more chance.  Please." Americans are forgiving and reasonable people.  Stand up and take responsibility, say you realize the error of your ways, and now you'll do better -- well, yes, then we'll give you another chance.  But we haven't seen that.  Obama never repents; he never has a moment of doubt that could alter his disastrous course.  And that's why in the 2010 election he lost the House and Republicans swept the governorships. So how to explain this willingness of many to vote for Mr. Obama when we're all suffering from his fiscal quackery, when there's no learning from mistakes, no contrition, and no ability to shift his ideology and act rationally to fix the economy? In the real world, second chances are hard to come by in most things -- even smallish things.  Many of us have experienced the...(Read Full Article)