The Secession Obsession

As of the 13th of November, there are 70,983 signatures on a petition asking the Obama administration to allow Texas to peacefully secede from the union. For an updated tally, you can check the We the People page of the White House website. Personally, I don't quite think it is sane to be talking about dissolving the union at this time. Sure, I will acknowledge that President Obama is a danger to our freedom, in the way that freedom has been historically defined. I will even say that we as a people are more polarized today than we have been at any time since the Civil War. For good or bad, however, Barack Obama is our president. Please, let's leave the passionate singing of Dixie alone, and, no -- let's not rally 'round the flag, boys. It is not the actual secession talk that is interesting in this case. What is interesting is what it represents.Has there been a time in the last century that people have even discussed secession in any context save the historical one? I am...(Read Full Article)