The Price of Folly

The ancient Greek word pleonexia meant "wanting to have more of something for oneself than is proper, fit or to be expected." It was akin to hybris, in that it expressed the concept of transgressing normal or appropriate boundaries. In modern terms, I would include in that definition, "wanting or expecting to have more for oneself than one has earned" -- i.e. expecting someone else to pay the bill or carry the freight. I believe this is the root of many of America's problems these days, particularly with regard to fiscal matters. A prime example of pleonexia can be found in the whining attitude of people today, well illustrated in a comparison of the hard times experienced by pioneering families in the nineteenth century vs. the so-called hard times of today. Unfortunately, the whining about today's "hard times" is not confined to a few malcontents, but has spread to much of the population. It is the inevitable result of prolonged prosperity and easy circumstances which cause a...(Read Full Article)