The Parchment-Thin Veil of Civility

It had all the makings of a summer cinematic blockbuster -- where the seemingly arbitrary whim of nature casts her capricious lot on the urban Northeast and afflicts these high-density communities with untold malicious vehemence.  Indeed, like some Olympian wrath brought on by mankind's gross impiety, Hurricane Sandy has left her indelible and frightening footprint on millions of lives.  But having scoured the Jersey Shore and decimated much of the power, transportation, and communication infrastructure of America's Greatest City, we as moral beings are once again granted a ringside seat to an equally stripped subterranean view of the human condition -- an odyssey into the ethical default state of man when reduced to primal powerlessness and carnal frailty.  How axiomatic, then, that once the veneer of technology is exposed, our civility closely follows.  What began, then, as The Day After soon crystallized into William Golding's Lord of The Flies. Indeed, pressure...(Read Full Article)