The Only Clear Road Back for Republicans

To better comprehend why Democrats will be holding wild who's-your-daddy raves in Washington, D.C. while Republicans shed tears in their beers over the next few years, it's useful to consider the key difference between the parties. Democrats can never deliver the bevy of freebies they have promised in perpetuity to all their unwitting supporters.  Try as they will, the federal gravy train will eventually derail.  It's inevitable.  However, that unassailable fact doesn't give Democrats the least bit of pause as they gleefully up the ante of giveaways election after election.  If politics is ultimately about winning, then you have to give them credit for that. It's axiomatic -- at least to me -- that Republicans can easily build a winning majority by boldly espousing and adopting policies in line with the principles the party has always claimed to represent -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  America has survived for more than 230 years because of...(Read Full Article)