The GOP Dream Act is a Nightmare

  We now know what a Republican amnesty sell-out would look like: The Daily Caller reported on some details of a GOP amnesty proposal being discussed behind closed doors. The proposed path to citizenship would begin in college, which is where young people go to stop thinking. This Republican proposal, like the horrible Dream Act, offers a path to citizenship for those who get a college degree or serve in the military. This is thought of as the most appealing part of these amnesty plans, but it's actually the most catastrophic. There are about 1.5 million members of the armed forces, and 19 million enrolled in colleges, so those seeking amnesty will almost all go to college. As if the higher education bubble isn't large enough; as if we didn't have enough unemployable humanists and leftists; and as if we didn't have enough good kids with decent degrees who can't find work, the pandering Republicans are suggesting that we flood American universities with immigrants seeking a...(Read Full Article)