The GOP Dream Act is a Nightmare


We now know what a Republican amnesty sell-out would look like: The Daily Caller reported on some details of a GOP amnesty proposal being discussed behind closed doors. The proposed path to citizenship would begin in college, which is where young people go to stop thinking.

This Republican proposal, like the horrible Dream Act, offers a path to citizenship for those who get a college degree or serve in the military. This is thought of as the most appealing part of these amnesty plans, but it's actually the most catastrophic. There are about 1.5 million members of the armed forces, and 19 million enrolled in colleges, so those seeking amnesty will almost all go to college.

As if the higher education bubble isn't large enough; as if we didn't have enough unemployable humanists and leftists; and as if we didn't have enough good kids with decent degrees who can't find work, the pandering Republicans are suggesting that we flood American universities with immigrants seeking a path to citizenship. Thus, more students will be using Monopoly money (student loans), and learning that debt doesn't really mean anything until at least four years have passed. Getting a college degree can be easy, unless one chooses a strenuous major. There is naturally no such requirement in the Republican amnesty proposal.

Republicans won't ask that students take majors that this nation actually needs, such as science, technology, and engineering. Instead, immigrant students will be given six whole years in which to complete their degree in whatever "left-wing victimization claptrap" they gravitate towards given their ethnic and ideological preferences.

If the majors often chosen by black students are any indication, then the amnesty scholars will be lining up to be indoctrinated into the most odious left-wing fields of "study" imaginable. It is irrational for Republicans to think that sending impoverished immigrants into American universities is going to turn out well, considering that universities purposefully engender bitterness and historic grievances on the part of minorities towards the majority in this nation. Yet, college is the starting point of the Republican path to citizenship.

The pro-amnesty Republicans evidently weren't paying close attention to the election returns. Conservatives don't do well among college students, or among minorities. So the open borders Republicans' answer is to incentivize the creation of a larger pool of minority college students through an amnesty pipeline. This approach is shockingly mindless.

When college is the path to citizenship, you guarantee that insincere students will sign up for classes and go through the motions for the sake of a diploma. A cynic might ask, how is that any different than what people do right now? The difference is that right now, the unemployed college graduates are only putting a moderate strain on their families and on our economy. If we glut the market with unemployable, nominally-educated recent immigrants, we will be adding to our economic troubles.

Some of the other laughable aspects of the Republican proposal include the following "requirements" for applicants:

-Must have good moral character

Any criteria of moral character developed by the two political parties is sure to be worthless. Besides, no meaningful standard of moral character can be agreed upon in the environment of multiculturalism and moral relativism that we find ourselves in. Any decent standard of moral character would be too controversial, or would be uncontroversial but overturned by judges. For instance, if no women who bore a child out of wedlock could gain citizenship, that would be a partially effective measure, but it will never come about.

Republicans claiming that immigrants must have good moral character to get amnesty are like Democrats claiming that people must be destitute to get on welfare. These are fictional standards that no one takes seriously, meant to obscure the rotten reality of the status quo.

-Must have knowledge of the English language, U.S. history, "and of principles of U.S. government"

This is knowledge that native-born Americans are supposed to possess, but typically don't. It is an utter fantasy to think that immigrants would actually internalize U.S. history or principles of government. Our culture and educational system are generally not producing those outcomes. Immigration officials are not going to require genuine commitment to our civic fundamentals. Instead, these lofty-sounding, fake requirements will be dumbed down into standardized tests that immigrants will laugh off.

Make no mistake about it, any requirement that immigrants have knowledge of U.S. history and principles of government will be met by a standardized test. Assimilation will remain purely optional. Just because someone fills out bubbles on a sheet correctly does not mean they will assimilate. Pew Research Center polling shows that 51 percent of Americans of Hispanic origin most often identify themselves as Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc., while 24% describe themselves as "Hispanic" or "Latino" most often, and only 21 percent describe themselves as "American" most often. These people are telling us where their loyalties are. But pro-amnesty politicians are so craven and so dishonest that they would actually claim credit for requiring immigrants to have civic knowledge of the U.S., on the basis that they included a silly standardized test in the amnesty process.

There are other fatal flaws in the Republicans' proposal: the path to citizenship is not supposed to allow all immigrants to vote instantly, but few states have voter ID laws so there is nothing stopping illegals from voting the second they hop on the pro-amnesty path. We're promised that the immigrants won't be eligible for welfare, but that's a farce because the moment they have a child born on U.S. soil, they're eligible for extensive welfare benefits.

Amnesty is not the solution. Instead, we should enforce existing law and strongly enhance border security. We don't enforce our current law, and that's why no one respects it. Because no one respects the law, it's easier to believe that amnesty makes sense. Amnesty only makes sense is a topsy-turvy world where the law is a charade. If we become more serious about national sovereignty and territorial integrity, then we will see amnesty in a new light.

We must not weaken enforcement, or relax standards for citizenship. The existing paths to citizenship should remain the only paths to citizenship. We can tinker with visa numbers to allow more educated or professional immigrants, as long as they have verified job offers, but nothing more. We need to assertively enforce our current immigration laws, grant Congressional authority to local governments to cooperate on immigration enforcement, complete the fence, and develop an immigration moratorium for the long-term.


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