The Election Will Not Be Close

The election is tomorrow.  The entire buildup to this point has been somewhat surreal.  The pollsters tell us that the election is too close to call, but that does not conform with reality. It is easy to distort reality based on predispositions and desires.  For that reason, I state mine.  I have no interest in Romney winning other than that he is not Obama.  I am not a Republican, although I generally believe that their ideas are less bad than those of Democrats.  In a real sense, I am what you might call an "equal-opportunity hater" with respect to politics.  I don't want to be ruled by either party, or anyone else for that matter. Why does it seem impossible to call this race?  My eyes tell me things either that pollsters cannot see or that people are unwilling to tell them.  Here are a few of them: • The country is stuck in a recession which Obama has made worse.  After four years, he has no plan to remedy matters. • Foreign...(Read Full Article)