The Disappointment of Living in an Electoral Republic

Tuesday's returns seem inexplicable. (a) Logic Took a Powder Jeff Dobbs, a regular at Just One Minute, did some work and shows why the election results this week seem inexplicable and unpredictable: Fun with Exit Polls... 19% of voters who described their view as "abortion should be illegal in all cases" voted for Obama. 13% who described themselves as supporting the Tea Party voted for Obama. 15% of people who think Obamacare should be repealed voted for Obama. 24% who identified with the statement "government is doing too much" voted for Obama 13% who describe the country as on the "wrong track" voted for Obama. 37% of voters who say taxes should not be raised to help cut the deficit voted for Obama 57% of voters trust Obama to handle an international crisis 15% of voters said Obama's response to Sandy was the most important factor in their vote (and 73% of those went for Obama). 64% of all voters said Obama's response to Sandy played a factor in their vote (and 62% of those went...(Read Full Article)