The Big Tent is Empty

Wailing, gnashing of teeth, and a few destructive ideas have followed the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps a couple of sensible questions will help us get our country back on track: If Republicans cave on amnesty, what will Hispanics say the next day? The day after amnesty is passed, a common response from the Latino community will be, "Thanks suckers. We'll never forget what racists you Republicans always were. Now, where is my handout?" All of the Republicans' soaring rhetoric about the creative power of capitalism and the moral imperative to limit government -- this is nothing but hot air to the hungry mouth that stands to benefit from a fatter Nanny State and the cuckold Uncle Sam. Immigrants, for whatever reason, are predisposed towards state largesse; 43 percent of immigrants who have been in the U.S. for more than 20 years are using welfare benefits. 57% of Mexican immigrants are on some form of welfare, compared with 6% of immigrants from the United...(Read Full Article)