Thanksgiving with Winnie

In an appearance at Royal Albert Hall on November 23, 1944, Winston Churchill spoke in honor of the American holiday of Thanksgiving.  On that day, just as Hitler was about to unleash the desperate counterattack that became known as the Battle of the Bulge, Churchill declared that there had never before "been more justification, and more compulsive need" for a day of thanksgiving. As the enormous global struggle approached its climax, clearly there was "need" for thanksgiving.  With an estimated 100 million human beings already lost in the years between 1935 and 1945, there was need for resolve if the war was to be carried through to its conclusion.  Offering thanks for the allied successes to date might aid in that resolve. Certainly there was need, but precisely why was there "justification" for a day of thanksgiving?  On this point Churchill was equally articulate.  The free world had reason to be thankful that America, a nation of "peaceful, peace-loving...(Read Full Article)