Suppressing Reparative Therapy Is Suppressing Freedom

I saw the crawler go across the screen on a news broadcast recently, and it said, with an incredulous tone, that "praying away the gay" was still being done.  From the context, it was clear the news editor did not think much of it. Recently, California banned reparative or "conversion" therapy for homosexuality.  Signing the bill into law, Gov. Jerry Brown called the therapy "quackery."  Lawsuits have been filed. Neither a counselor nor a lawyer, I can come at this issue only as a straight citizen concerned about freedom. It is not difficult to imagine the following scenarios. You're a registered marriage and family therapist in California.  You're counseling a 16-year-old boy who says he's being recruited into the gay lifestyle at high school.  (Yes, aggressive recruitment really does happen.)  He recently had a bad breakup with a girl.  With their ongoing recruitment playing over and over in his mind, he's now confused.  Are these feelings...(Read Full Article)