Stand Up for What America Has and Is

The current presidential election is, I believe, the most important one in my lifetime. With colossal national debt and mounting unemployment on our collective shoulders, we now stand at a crossroads that will determine what sort of country we will leave for our nation's children and grandchildren.  Will they inherit only more debt and joblessness?  Or will our children be able to enjoy the same opportunities that we've had? Make no mistake: this election is for the future of the American family -- for values, for responsibilities, for hope for our kids. Family is the core of a society.  Indeed, family values -- love, responsibility, education, self-respect, and self-reliance through dignified employment -- are the foundation for any prosperous nation.  Strong families build strong communities, and strong communities will build a strong America again. Unfortunately, in the last four years, we have seen a completely new vision for our country, and the results of...(Read Full Article)