Social Security and the Politics of Deceit

In the vice presidential debate, Paul Ryan stated that "Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt."  Without hesitation, Joe Biden responded emphatically that "in regard to Social Security, we will not privatize it[.] ... [I]magine where all those seniors would be if the money had been in the market[.]" Joe Biden's simplistic remark belies a horrific lack of understanding regarding the reality of investing versus the broken promises of Social Security.  The erroneous comment by Biden about the market and his disingenuous explanation of what life would have been like had you been able to make your own decisions with Social Security funds underscores the problems our nation faces in understanding the results of the 2012 presidential election. In this election particularly, the politics of deceit continued unchecked when Biden's statement on Social Security went unchallenged. Biden's comments are wrong for the following reasons. First, Social Security is a system which...(Read Full Article)