Sacking General Carter Ham

Just exactly what happened in Benghazi, Libya, in a terror attack that left four Americans dead, is the subject of heated national discussion -- especially now that elections are complete. One critical concern is who issued a "stand-down" order under which help was not dispatched to the Americans under fire from al-Qaida.Now apparently one person who would be in a position to offer details, Gen. Carter Ham, has allegedly made the decision to "retire."Already uncovered in the controversy is how there had been pleas for more security for the Americans in that location, how forces who were nearby could have responded, and how there were orders stopping that from happening.It is within this context that questions are being asked about the scheduled replacement of General Ham, head of Africom, only a few years before his mandatory retirement date, especially since his replacement occurred so close to the consulate attacks. Africom is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. This command...(Read Full Article)