Rubio and Rotation

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was asked about the age of the earth.  Well, if you're going to start commenting on $16 trillion in federal debt, you'd better be prepared for probing questions from the press.  After all, how do we know that this is the worst deficit in history if we don't know when all that history started?  So we can be grateful to the scribes at GQ for their zeal in ferreting out the truth. We can't have anyone even being considered for president who might believe in Creation.  That's out of line for serious conversation.  People who believe in that sort of thing are unscientific.  New York Times columnist Paul Krugman hee-hawed his contempt for the upstart Cuban-American.  Why, he doesn't just want to repeal the New Deal, hooted Nobel laureate Krugman -- he wants to repeal the Enlightenment! There was one president who did not want to repeal the Enlightenment, for sure.  Former Librarian of...(Read Full Article)