Romney's Loss: The Wrong Man at the Right Time

A week has passed, providing distance from the elections.  That time allows for some additional thinking. By the time Election Day had come, I was very enthusiastic about voting for Romney, not merely about voting against Obama.  I had stopped recalling how unenthusiastic about Romney we conservatives had been until the October 3 first debate. How desperate we had been a year ago to find someone, anyone but Romney.  We contemplated Tim Pawlenty.  After he went on Sunday talk shows calling the president's "Affordable Care Act" by a clever name -- "ObamneyCare" -- we awaited the debate that would pit Pawlenty head-on against Romney.  The debate came days later.  Invited to tell Romney to his face what he had told Chris Wallace, Pawlenty backed down.  Exit Pawlenty. Then we got excited about Michele Bachmann.  Congressional voice of the Tea Party, she won the Iowa Straw Poll.  Yet, under the spotlight as front-runner, she demonstrably proved...(Read Full Article)