Reversing America's Decline

The ongoing and not-so-gradual loss of American Civilization is the result of two related phenomena: the invasion of our country from the southern border, and our elites' culture of self-loathing that oozed out of the noxious slime of the 60's.  Western Europe is rapidly losing its own civilization for identical reasons (with invaders more poisonous than America's, and its own reproductive decadence, thrown in to expedite the process). The first phenomenon -- the invasions -- wouldn't be happening in either place had they not been preceded by the second -- our elites' descent into cultural self-hatred. All self-respecting civilizations defend themselves vigorously from hostile invaders.   Examples from the West's own past are legion:   Europe, circa AD 732 (Battle of Tours -- the Franks, in the heart of Europe, halt the onrush of imperialistic Arab Islam); the Spanish Reconquista, circa 800-1492 (the Spanish, aided by other Western Europeans, take back the...(Read Full Article)