Rendezvous with Destiny

Well, who would have thought it?  Who would have thought that it would fall to us, some of us in our so-called declining years (unless 60 is the new 40) to rescue the Republic?  In our lifetimes, we have had the war in Vietnam, and the Reagan revival, and now we find the left has been tunneling under us all along.  Last Tuesday, the platform we thought was solid collapsed as if its underpinnings had been eaten by termites, which they had. According to the American Spectator Romney received 57.8 million votes to McCain's 59.9 million votes.  And...who can say, it is not impossible that the Romney count is a fair count.  But, it is very surprising that Romney would garner fewer votes than McCain.  Virtually all Republicans and conservatives regarded this election as the most important in history, barring only perhaps that of 1860, and maybe more important than that.  That makes the Romney count relative to McCain very surprising.  Very surprising....(Read Full Article)