Remaking the GOP

It's the end as we know it.  The end of an era for the Republican Party.  But with every end, there comes a new beginning. It has long been said that America is a center-right nation.  But many are wondering: how that can be when such a vulnerable incumbent and unabashed liberal as Barack Obama convincingly beat moderate Mitt Romney? It is because America has changed.  We are no longer naturally a center-right nation.  How else can you explain the results on Election Day? This does not mean that the potential to shift the pendulum back isn't there.  But in order to do this, it will take a total revamp of the Republican Party. This November was a wake-up call for the GOP to come to terms with the changes in America.  We can no longer depend on male and white supermajorities to carry us across the finish line.  Nor should we.  We should be the party of all the people -- blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, seniors and young people, men and...(Read Full Article)