Reagan 2.0

Call him Reagan 2.0.  By the end of the week, a thankful nation will settle down to anticipate the hope and change that will accrue from the presidency of a Ronald Reagan for a new generation: Mitt Romney. In online technology, "2.0" is the term used to describe digital advances that have empowered individual users, brought economic growth and opportunity, and engendered a cultural and social revolution.  Web 1.0 ushered in the online revolution; Web 2.0 brought it to a new and more individually empowering level.  Similarly, Reagan 1.0 ushered in a revolution in governance, with his foreign policy and economic successes arguably dwarfing anything accomplished in the modern presidency.  And shortly begins the watershed in governance of Reagan 2.0, Mitt Romney.  Romney will spend the next eight years advancing the cause of individual empowerment, economic opportunity, and national decency, building a 21st-century framework for the uniquely American values so...(Read Full Article)