Questions Are Common; Answers Are Rare

Going into the second presidential debate, many members of the mainstream media had determined that their man would produce a strong comeback performance.  Their reports proclaiming an Obama victory had already been written when Mitt Romney fielded a question about the murders in Libya.  Calling attention to the twists and turns in the unraveling tragedy/fiasco, Romney unwittingly revealed the extent to which the liberal media was prepared to go to make their wishes come true.  He also provided us with a defining moment -- yet another one -- in the presidency of Barack Obama, a man of sharp angles and deep reservoirs of mystery. Romney demanded to know why the president had consistently refused to label the attack that led to the deaths of four Americans an act of terrorism.  Viewers across the political spectrum were jolted awake when Obama, with an enviable poker face, stated that he had, in fact, done just that in his Rose Garden comments on September...(Read Full Article)