'Pst...Can We Talk?'

It's time this country's women have an honest conversation: a girl-to-girl, woman-to-woman, one-to-one chat like we had with our mothers when we "came of age."  We need a straightforward, no-holds-barred adult discussion about economics, politics, and our future as the mothers of this country.   This country's economy has been in a bad place for well over a decade.  But that is no excuse to make it worse, as women, who are excellent at prioritizing and budgeting, well know.  When women face an empty bank account, we address our urgent poverty with sound economic decisions: we stop spending, we prioritize needs, and we work more hours or at times get a second job.  Every woman managing her personal, family, or company's budget knows we can't spend more than we take home, and our country must operate by the same economic principles.   We didn't stand up and dismantle that glass ceiling by putting our hand out.  We raised our hands to the...(Read Full Article)